US experts warn of methanol-containing disinfectants

According to Health News, the American Association of Toxin Control Centers recently warned against the use of hand sanitizers that contain methanol (methyl alcohol.

The US Food and Drug Administration has previously warned that some hand sanitizers are contaminated with methanol.

Due to the recent need created by the spread of the corona virus around the world, a large number of people are looking for sanitary items and disinfectants for themselves, but in some cases, high demand from customers, leading to profits from the corona space. We are talking about two solutions called ethanol and methanol, which apparently only differ in their initials, but inside one of them is toxic and harmful and the other with a certain percentage of concentration can be used to disinfect hands. Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, actually kills microorganisms by altering proteins and dissolving fats. Of course, this action is only effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

However, methanol has the weakest antimicrobial properties among alcohols and is therefore rarely used for this purpose. In addition, methanol is a compound that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or taken orally. Also, consuming it orally may endanger a person’s life.

This toxin can also cause blindness because it can damage the optic nerve.

According to experts, depending on the concentration of methanol and its absorption, the patient may experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Other symptoms include headache, dizziness and lightheadedness.

Methanol-contaminated disinfectants may contain varying amounts of methanol, meaning that some of them are highly toxic and may cause coma, respiratory problems, seizures, blindness, and even death.